A wooden bridge once crossed the stream that wanders downhill along Butterfly Valley Road. It was gone in an instant Thursday, July 22. Photo by Victoria Metcalf

Butterfly Valley – the aftermath of the Fly Fire

The Fly Fire broke out yesterday afternoon at approximately 5 p.m. and quickly consumed 1,600 acres. It has put the previously “thought-to-be-safe” entire Quincy area under an evacuation warning and closed Highway 70 west out of Quincy.

Reporter Victoria Metcalf toured the area with a CHP escort to see firsthand some of the devastation left behind. She saw the charred remains of the home near the site of where the fire is believed to have originated. Officially, the fire is under investigation, but this is believed to be an entirely new fire, and not a spot from the Dixie Fire.

The remains of the first house, corrals, a greenhouse, is the rock fireplace and rubble. The home was claimed July 22 in the Fly Fire. Photo by Victoria Metcalf
The landscape has changed significantly near Butterfly Valley Road and Highway 70. That fire broke out July 22 claimed one home and acres of timber. Photo by Victoria Metcalf
Fire trucks in many sizes and colors were spotted along Highways 70 and 89 as crews came and went to the Dixie and Fly fires.These were taken near the Taylorsville T. Many dozers were moving into the area beyond Canyon Dam where the fire blew up July 22. Photo by Victoria Metcalf
Plumes of smoke from hot spots join the smoke from the Dixie Fire as it moves up the Feather River Canyon. This is the scene at the Spanish Creek Bridge near Keddie. Photo by Victoria Metcalf