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Call for 2020 Sweetheart of the Mountains contestants

A unique opportunity for the young ladies of Plumas and Sierra Counties has returned.

The Plumas Sierra County Fair Foundation and the Plumas Sierra County Fair are extending an invitation to those girls between the ages of 16 and 20 to apply to compete in the 2020 Sweetheart of the Mountains Scholarship Competition.

Since its re-instatement, the competition has generated nearly $20,000 in scholarships for those that have competed for the title.

With roots going back over 50 years, the Sweetheart of the Mountains has evolved from a beauty pageant to the current scholarship program. Contestants still have to show off a talent, exhibit poise through an interview, represent the Plumas Sierra County Fair with public appearances and be a good example of character.

However, they also have an opportunity to raise funds to benefit the fairgrounds, as well as a matching scholarship fund for themselves. Their efforts have allowed the PSCF Foundation, a nonprofit corporation established for the sole benefit of the Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds, to provide tens of thousands of dollar’s worth of improvements, from sponsoring awards to purchasing traffic barricades.

The last Sweetheart of the Mountains, Grace Bristol of Portola, raised and won over $3,000 for her college career.

The competition is planned for mid-May. Contestants are judged on a talent, their poise during a question and answer segment, and are awarded points based on how much money they have raised for the foundation. A Sweetheart of the Mountains is crowned at the competition, as well as a first runner up.

As the modern program progresses the committee has made small tweaks along the way. The age requirement was expanded to those young ladies between the ages of 16 and 20. This opens up the competition to those who may be in their first year of college. It is hoped this will increase the number of competitors as well as expand the interest in the program.

The deadline for returning applications has been extended to Dec. 13.

Applications can be found in each of the high schools and at FRC. They are also available on the fair website at www.plumas-sierracountyfair.net and at the fair office at the fairgrounds in Quincy.

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