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A portion of Highway 395 East was closed today, Aug. 9, following the discovery of a suspicious package that later was determined to be a homemade bomb. Photo courtesy of Lassen County Sheriff's Office

Caltrans discovers package along 395 – it was a homemade explosive device

A Caltrans road crew working along Highway 395 East near Johnstonville Quality Foods in the Susanville area,  found a suspicious package in a ditch this morning Aug. 9, at approximately 9:33 a.m..

Lassen County Sheriff’s Office deputies and sergeants responded to the scene. According to the Lassen Sheriff’s Office, upon inspecting the package, they decided to evacuate nearby businesses and close a small portion of Highway 395 East. California Highway Patrol officers arrived on scene to close the highway. The Washoe County Consolidated Bomb Squad was asked to respond.

Bomb Squad personnel arrived on scene about noon and used robots to examine the package. After close inspection, the package was determined to be a homemade explosive device. Inside a wrapped T-shirt and masking tape, was an aluminum can containing a cylindrical explosive device with a fuse. Electrical wiring, broken glass, glass gemstones and crushed sea shells were filled around the aluminum can. The package was rendered safe by bomb technicians and collected for disposal.

“The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the public and business owners for their understanding related to the evacuations and highway closure,” read a statement from the department. “Further, the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office appreciates the time and resources efforted by the California Highway Patrol, Susan River Fire Department, Caltrans, and the Washoe County Consolidated Bomb Squad. Last, but surely not least, great work by our Lassen County sheriff’s deputies and sergeants for responding quickly and ensuring the safety of the public and nearby businesses.”

A homemade explosive device was discovered this morning, Aug. 9, along Highway 395 East. Photo courtesy of Lassen County Sheriff’s Office

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