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Plumas County District 3 supervisorial candidates share their views with prospective voters in the upcoming election at the League of Women Voters candidate forum April 12. From left: Supervisor candidate Michael Nashlund, incumbent/ candidate Sherrie Thrall and LWV forum moderator Jane Braxton Little. Candidate Joseph Maumoynier, who was unable to attend this forum, sent a written statement presented by Maria Maumoynier. Photos by Gregg Scott

Candidates talk with Lake Almanor community

Seventy to seventy-five Lake Almanor area residents listen intently as two of the three candidates running for supervisor in District 3 explain their positions on matters relating to the Almanor area.

Two candidates running for county supervisor for District 3 and the district attorney, running unopposed, were present at the candidate forum April 12 sponsored by the Plumas chapter of the League of Women Voters.

Incumbent Sherrie Thrall and challenger Michael Nashlund were on hand in person and Joseph Maumoynier, who was unable to attend, was represented by Maria Maumoynier to read his prepared statement.

LWV member Jane Braxton Little opened the evening with a short history and description of the group along with introductions of the other organizing volunteers and protocols for the evening.

She then introduced Plumas County District Attorney David Hollister for a two-minute statement about the state of the DA’s office and his request to the voters for their support on June 5.

Hollister is running un-opposed in the upcoming election to continue as district attorney.

He is very pleased that his office is now fully staffed and stressed the high rate of successful prosecutions.

He also expressed satisfaction in the fact that they have had no higher court reversals of those convictions.

District 3 candidates

Next were introductions of District 3 candidates starting with Maria Maumoynier reading a statement for candidate Joseph Maumoynier about his reasons for pursuing the position.

He believes that the county government is not responsive enough to the citizens, especially regarding code enforcement and would like to help create positive changes.

He also wants to see the county government be more business friendly.

Part of the statement read, “Tourism is the icing on the cake, but it is not cake.”

Maumoynier would like to see the county encourage more diversified business opportunities for new companies.

“A county that is not growing is dying,” he stated and he would like to see the area grow.

Michael Nashlund included some personal background as part of his opening statement, including his 27 years of residency in Chester and his status as a Marine veteran and former police officer.

He currently works as a millwright at Collins Pine and is the local union shop steward.

He too voiced dissatisfaction with some of the county’s policies, including code enforcement.

He would also like to see some changes regarding criminal sentencing for veterans, which may include the return of drug court.

Sherrie Thrall opened her remarks with a thank you for the privilege of having been able to serve the district for the past 11 years.

In general, she describes her job as supervisor as “running interference for folks that are having issues with a government department.”

Her quest is to make herself available to everyone to address their concerns and she would like to see many programs in progress through to realization.

After the opening statements, the LWV volunteers sorted through numerous written questions that were then asked of both candidates.


The first question asked both of the candidates present what they as supervisor would do for the youth in the community.

Nashlund mentioned he would like to see the swimming pool proposal reintroduced to the community.

Thrall responded that she was working on funding for the Almanor Recreation and Park District so they can offer more and enhanced youth related programs.

The candidates attending were asked what prior leadership experience each could bring to the position.

Nashlund responded that raising his four children was an important accomplishment in his life and his time as a Marine. He also related that he has been in a leadership position for seven years in the union at Collins Pine.

Thrall related that before she ran for the supervisor position she had been on the board of directors of several area organizations including the ABC Center, CPUD, ARPD and the Wildwood Center and her work history included a supervisory position with the U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers managing military properties.

Both attending candidates agreed on several of the 12 or so questions which included subjects from the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer at the board meetings, the thermal curtain, funding their own campaigns and the need for code enforcement to ensure public health and safety.

They differed slightly on their opinions regarding the state of public facilities in Chester.

Nashlund feels there should be more attention to, among other items, the restrooms at the Chester Park. He would like to organize some events to fund improvements for the park and other locations.

Thrall related that the park in general and the restrooms specifically are already a major expenditure for the county on an annual basis due to vandalism. It seems the restrooms are a regular target for vandals and the upgrades and repairs are destroyed almost as fast as they are completed.

She also mentioned the recent upgrade of insulation and windows at the Chester Memorial Hall that were completed last fall.

At the conclusion of the event, several of the 70 to 75 people attending mentioned that they were very pleased with the evening’s information, the organized manner of the forum and the amiable demeanor of the candidates.

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