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Cannabis ordinance adds new definitions

More pieces to the county’s cannabis ordinance puzzle are falling into place.

Just weeks ago members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors approved the definition of schools as it relates to cannabis cultivation.

Now supervisors have approved the definition of horticulture as defined and recommended by members of the Plumas County Planning Commission.

Horticulture doesn’t include industrial hemp, according to a Nov. 19 decision by supervisors. It is also defined as an agricultural crop.

“The Planning Commission’s direction to remove industrial hemp as a permitted use under horticulture is intended to provide protection and prevent nuisances and issues of incompatibility that might occur within the smaller sized residential parcels that allow horticulture,” according to Planning Director Tracey Ferguson in the planning commission’s recommendation to supervisors.

Planning commissioners discussed horticulture and its meaning in terms of industrial hemp Aug. 1, according to material from Ferguson.

The definition of agricultural processing is also included in the ordinance.

In earlier work, planning commissioners struggled with what wording should be included in agricultural processing and agricultural manufacturing.

Workshops on agricultural process and manufacturing were held Aug. 15 and Sept. 5, as legally required.

Prior to commissioners’ examination of agricultural processes, the ordinance included harvesting and production of agriculture, but not processing.

By Oct. 3, the Planning Commission held a public hearing and voted to accept wording defining agricultural processing and what was allowable within an ordinance.

Agricultural processing includes making of agricultural commodities or products by hand or machinery that changes the natural condition of the commodity or product, in this case industrial hemp. This process also includes refinement for further processing or consumer use.

Agricultural processing also includes but isn’t limited to farm machinery equipment fabrication and assembly.

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