Canyon author inspires others to grow through trauma to live triumphantly

Inspirational author Tina Marsan from the Feather River Canyon was born in Portola. She will sign copies of her new book, “Destiny Talks” on Tuesday, June 11, from 4 to 6 p.m., at Moon’s Restaurant in Quincy. Photo by Roni Java

The warm brown eyes and welcoming smile of Tina Marsan, CMT, reveal a presence, a depth of caring and compassion that reaches into one’s soul. Her words are encouraging, her hands soft and comforting to the touch.

Local readers will have an opportunity to hear some of Marsan’s philosophy and meet her at a special book signing and wine tasting event with live music being held 4 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11, at Moon’s Restaurant in Quincy.

The event will also feature other authors from a new book showcasing Marsan’s motivational work and a prize drawing to benefit Plumas County youth.

Portola roots, Tahoe and more


As a certified massage therapist who was born in Portola and spent her early years there, the writer was later raised in Lake Tahoe and began her therapeutic massage career in the South Bay Area where she learned to follow her entrepreneurial spirit.

Marsan has family in the Quincy area and she is the holistic-healing founder of Soul In Power ( She emphasizes treatment options that address the mind, body and spirit in unison and is also a wellness and life coach who advocates for youth, personal empowerment and healthy communities.

Retreats in the Canyon

The Feather River Canyon resident divides her time between Plumas County and Yuba City to work with adults who are searching for life’s answers.

In addition to her busy CMT practice, she is a sought-after public speaker and she recently began working with continuation-school youth to overcome their obstacles.

With her husband, Russell Marsan, Tina leads workshops and private sessions at their Sacred River Retreat in the canyon, not far from the junction of Scenic Highway 70 and 89.


Within moments of meeting Marsan, you feel that she knows exactly what she’s talking about when she teaches clients they can, indeed, move from trauma and tragedy to triumph.

“You don’t get to leap over your experiences (of being victimized), but you can move from victim to victor. I want to empower people to be who they are in their hearts, not who other people say they should be,” the healer said during a recent conversation at Quincy Provisions over hot coffee, smiling as she shared a copy of her brand new co-authored book, “Destiny Talks: The Women Empowerment Edition.”

The book is an international best seller featuring life stories of 21 brave, powerful women, all of whom have chosen to share their challenges and triumphs. Sonia Hassey edited the book.

Book signing at Moon’s June 11

“Destiny Talks” came out late last year and follows Marsan’s first book, “Experiencing Serendipity,” which offers an inspiring journey to healing through the power of journaling.


The new volume features a chapter written by Marsan that discusses her traumatic experience as a teen survivor of sexual assault carried out by a group of high school athletes in Lake Tahoe over 30 years ago. But that’s only one part of the story, and not even the most significant one, by the author’s account.

“The feedback on the new book has been awesome. My journey created an opportunity for me to become a strong, empowered woman,” she explained, saying life isn’t perfect, there really are no do-overs and she would not change anything that happened to her.

“No one can hand this to you (your healing experience),” Marsan said. “You can’t find it outside yourself, you have to generate it from inside.”

Coming full circle

In the intervening years after high school, Marsan moved, married, brought two children into the world (each of whom manages significant health challenges with her holistic approach and guidance), divorced, gained enough weight to bother her, remarried and then grew her wellness business while working on her books.


Her chapter in “Destiny Talks” explains how she committed to hiking from Kings Beach to a Tahoe Vista lookout tower in the national forest and back every single day for three months to reclaim her health. That workout, mindfulness meditation, time spent in a gym and a vegetarian lifestyle slimmed her to a low of 103 pounds and she’s maintained her petite figure for many years since.

Additionally, the author retraces the struggle she endured, building a protective emotional armor around her to cope with having been wounded by circumstances beyond her control. Throughout it all, she was dedicated to healing herself and reveals her surprising path to wholeness.

  Marsan shows her readers that safety and joy can grow out of pain. In fact, you can flourish.

Describing her new 12-week project serving 13 girls at a continuation high school in Yuba City, the wellness coach called it “coming full circle” and said the effort is something she is passionate about.


The students learned they could control their emotions, their thoughts and their own stories, she explained. Using Marsan’s “Experiencing Serendipity” workbook, they chronicled their journeys of empathy, courage and letting go.

Marsan advises those interested in living life from a place of strength, happiness and joy to understand that anything that impedes us does not serve us.

“Take responsibility for your life and the way in which you have an impact on the lives of others,” she wrote in the new book. “The first step is to believe you can transform pain to purpose and go from being a victim to a thriver. The next step is to do it.”

Book Signing with Tina Marsan

“Destiny Talks: The Women Empowerment Edition,” a co-authored volume of 21 conversations with brave women, and “Experiencing Serendipity.”

Tuesday, June 11

4 – 6 p.m.

Moon’s Restaurant

497 Lawrence St., Quincy


The book event is open free to the public. Live music, wine tasting and additional authors will be present.


Dinner reservations are welcome.

Prize drawing tickets will also be sold to benefit a local youth charity. Generous donors to the drawing are:

The Drunk Brush.

– Graphic Design by Eric Lyon.

– with Annie, massage therapy.

– Carey Candy Company.

– art by Presley Sundberg.

– Sacred River Retreat getaway with Russell and Tina Marsan.

Connect with Tina Marsan, CMT

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