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Card of thanks for the week of 9/18/19

This has been the most difficult and heartbreaking year of my life. I have cried daily for a year now. And yet, in my profound grief over my husband John’s unexpected death on Sept. 18, 2018, I have been blessed by the love, support, and kindness of so many.

Thank you, my precious family. You are wonderful.

Thank you, my dear friends, those of many years and those that are new in my life. Your calls, texts, cards, and my favorite, your life-sustaining hugs, have kept me from getting lost in a very dark place called grief.

Thank you to those of you in unexpected places (businesses, grocery stores, Plumas County Sheriffs, church, and more) that have reached out to me with condolences, kindness, generosity and cherished “John Stories.” I am sincerely thankful for you. And I love when you share your John stories with me.

I consider myself a part of Westwood, Chester, Greenville, and Quincy communities, as I have spent over 50 years living in these areas. I am blessed beyond measure for the friendships and support, kindness and caring and genuine love, from the beautiful souls in these beautiful communities.

From my heart,

Karron (Jennings, White) Fehrmann

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