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A beautiful fall day for FRC’s College and Career Day with area high school seniors exploring colleges and possible careers. Photo submitted

Career Day is back at FRC

  One of the fall traditions in Quincy seems to have become the annual College and Career Day up at Feather River College where high school seniors from around the county converge to hear an inspirational speech and check out booths of local businesses and organizations, combined with regional colleges and universities for seniors and FRC students to consider regarding their future.

     Last year, of course, this event could not take place due to COVID. This year was also different from the past in that instead of combining students from all the schools and putting everyone in the enclosed multipurpose building, students stayed largely in cohorts of their schools and only the students were inside in their cohorts to listen to the guest speaker. The guest speaker—Dr. April Leonardo, and family medicine practitioner at Plumas District Hospital — delivered an inspirational talk to the students about her own life and life experiences.

     The students listened to Leonardo recap her adventures with a slide presentation, and commented repeatedly how impressed they were with both her profession—a doctor—and her hobbies—which include climbing Mount Everest.

     “Unique and well-rounded. I was really impressed by her. It [her presentation] was really interesting,” said QHS senior Maddy Samuelson.

     “I had no idea my doctor was so badass,” said QHS senior Paloma Garcia-Couoh,

     Leonardo stressed that students should stretch themselves and think about doing what is best for them personally rather than doing what is expected of them by others.

     The students toured some of the popular programs that Feather River College offers as well as some unique attractions—such as the fish hatchery, which originally began as a project by an associate faculty member.

     Lastly, the students headed to the grass knoll in front of the multipurpose building where this year’s colleges and businesses’ booths could be found. Students walked around asking questions of the presenters who then signed off on their sheets that they’d spoken with the presenters—a good practice in public speaking for the youth.

     While not as many booths were filled compared with previous years, and the hot sun was definitely a challenge, everyone seemed happy to be back either working or attending this FRC fall tradition.

Dr. April Leonardo speaks to area high school seniors about reaching goals and challenging themselves as they consider next steps after high school. Photo submitted

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