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We thought this would get your attention. Gabe is one of the cats available to adopt at the Friends of Plumas County Animals Shelter on Lee Road in Quincy. He definitely has mellow moments. Photo courtesy of Friends of PC Animals

Cats and kittens available at Friends of PC Animals

Submitted by Friends of PC Animals


Why do cats always prefer boxes? Photo courtesy of Friends of PC Animals

Seems like we are finally going to see the end of the winter snow at the rescue! Some of our volunteers live in the Graegle area and due to the terrible highway conditions were unable to work their shifts a few days in the last weeks of storms. With everyone so overwhelmed with shoveling, plowing and protecting their own spaces we had to close the rescue a few times this month. Animals were always cared fo r— fed and boxes cleaned several times a day by Quincy volunteers, but we are glad to see the end of the worst of winter (we hope!) and a return to normalcy in scheduling. We are sorry if the unexpected closures caused anyone inconvenience in adopting and visiting the site, but we are back on schedule now and should be open our usual hours of 11 a.m. -3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday every week. 

A big THANK YOU to Brent Dingle of Wilburn Construction and Heidi and Mark Lampe for keeping our parking lot snow free and safe for visitors and workers!!!

Some big news locally is County Animal Services received a grant from UC Davis for spay/neuter of domestic animals. People who have a pet can get a voucher worth $360 to cover the costs of surgery, vaccines, blood work, etc. for their pet. You must have a vet appointment from a Plumas County vet to obtain the voucher. Make the appointment and then go to the county Animal Shelter at 201 Mill Creek Rd in Quincy and get your voucher. Friends will be suspending their voucher program for domestic pets while this county program is offered, but if you have a feral colony we will still help pay for their surgeries. Friends had also put in for grant monies from UC Davis, but our focus was going to be feral cats and we did not receive any funds. Disappointing to be sure, but we are in the process of applying for other grants from other sources and hopefully, will be able to tackle the feral cat problem sometime this year.

Last week we had 6 kittens born on site. Their mother is super protective and attentive and the babies are growing and starting to scoot around. They will be ready for adoption at 10 weeks. We also have some lovely adult cats and a few juveniles ready for adoption also. Some of the cats are skittish, but in  a private home with unlimited lap access and patience they will all come around to be fine companions. In order to keep them all fit and to provide stimulation when no one is around we purchased a “cat wheel” for them to play on and use. We have some sweet videos on Face Book of Little Bit using the wheel and it is so heartwarming to know they play when alone.  Bit is really sweet and very social to people she knows, but will sit on top of the lights when strangers/adopters come in—SO hard to adopt out an animal you can’t even reach!! The right home for every one of our residents is out there—the match just has to be revealed!

Our Facebook page is updated every Friday with photos and videos—if you haven’t checked it out please do.. Our board member and volunteer, Heidi, keeps things interesting and playful and the animals are endearing. Our animals can be seen on Adopt a Pet website also.

Did you know that you can donate to Friends through an automatic bank transfer? Any amount given monthly gives the rescue some stability and security in managing our funds. Right now the only bank that can do this for us is Plumas Bank, so if you are a client of that bank please check out the possibility of a monthly donation. Small monthly donations are welcome and all donations will be acknowledged yearly for tax purposes. This type of giving will really help Friends assist our animals. Thank you for considering…

Many, many thanks to those who have braved the snow to come and adopt this season and to those who have helped the animals with their strong backs and labor.

Cheers to Spring being right around the corner…

Friends of PC Animals is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and all donations are tax deductible.  No one in Friends gets a salary. Friends is not a county entity. Donations can be sent to Friends, PO Box 182, Quincy 95971. Thank you for your continued support.

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