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Piper Harris stands by the side of Chandler Road as a parade in her honor goes by with walkers, bikes and cars. Photo submitted

Celebrations in the time of coronavirus

Melody Zernich, left, her daughter Autumn, and grandson Maddox wish Piper Harris a Happy Birthday.
There is no doubt Piper Harris is turning 3.

Piper Harris turned “3” today. Under normal circumstances, her parents Katie and Sean, would have organized a birthday party in her honor and invited all of her young friends and those of her older brother, but these aren’t normal circumstances. Due to social distancing requirements they organized a parade to honor Piper, inviting friends and neighbors to walk, ride or drive by their Chandler Road home in Quincy. Katie said that her daughter “absolutely loved it!”

Dr. Ben Hunt and his children are among the well wishers.

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