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Chester and Lake Almanor west shore residents get to go home – but read the instructions

The Plumas County Sheriff announced today that residents of Chester and the greater Lake Almanor Basin will be allowed to return home tomorrow at 11 a.m. Highway 36 west of Chester will reopen as well.

Effective at 11 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 13, the following areas are being changed from a Mandatory Evacuation Order to an Evacuation Warning:

Chester: From the Hwy36/Hwy89 Junction, east to the west side of the causeway, both sides of Hwy 36 through Chester to the Lake Almanor edge and to north to the dirt portion of Feather River Dr. [PLU ZONE 8A]

Lake Almanor West (LAW) and Prattville: Includes β€œLAW”, Prattville, Big Meadows, Rocky Point Campground, and the Canyon Dam Boat Launch. [PLU ZONE 5B and 5].

Evacuation zone map: https://tinyurl.com/ydrapp24 (will be updated tomorrow at 11 a.m.)

Chester, Lake Almanor West and Prattville: Entry for residents will be an escort from the Susanville area at 11 a.m. on Aug. 13. The reason this will occur at 11 a.m. tomorrow is because there is ongoing highway safety work on Hwy 36. The escort will begin at 11 a.m. at the Lassen Community College Shelter (478-200 CA-139); the next stop will be the Community Church of Susanville at 1400 Numa Rd. This will only be offered once.

If you are unable to attend the escort, entry will be permitted via Hwy 36, west of Chester. Unfortunately, due to safety hazards there will NOT be an escort to Chester from the Quincy or Greenville area. (Highway 89 remains closed.)

At 11 am. Highway 36, west of Chester will open.

Traffic Control Points will be established at Highway 36 and Melissa, the end of the pavement on Feather River Drive, and areas north of Chester to prevent access to additional hazardous areas.


Seneca District Hospital in Chester is still closed, including the Emergency Department. The facility is in the process of opening, but this will take some time and require the approval of the California Department of Public Health.


Chester PUD water system is safe to drink.

West Almanor Mutual Water Company water system is safe to drink.

For other areas along the west shore Lake Almanor including Prattville, power outages may have resulted in loss of water system pressure and the water quality may have been compromised. Residents should be prepared to use bottled water or boil their water until testing can be completed to show that the water is safe to drink.

For more information regarding drinking water quality, please contact your water service provider.

Essential services will likely be delayed in starting back up again.

When residents do return to burned areas, it is important to follow protocols for re-entry provided by Plumas County Environmental Health. Only those with a residence in the area should enter at this time. For more information visit https://www.plumascounty.us/2868/Dixie-Fire-Information

While we understand that evacuated residents are understandably eager to get back to their homes and properties, the Dixie Fire is still active, and the public must remain out of Mandatory Evacuation Order zones until the orders are downgraded to warnings or lifted. Please do not attempt to enter restricted areas until evacuation orders are lifted. You can determine your zone and see evacuation status by entering your address on the evacuation map located at: https://tinyurl.com/ydrapp24



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