Chester Landfill covered by pledge of financial responsibility

By Victoria Metcalf

Special to Plumas News

A proposed pledge of revenue was requested and approved to assist Chester Landfill legal obligations during the Tuesday, Sept. 22 meeting of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors.

Director of the Department of Public Works and the Solid Waste Division Bob Perreault was before the board explaining the request and asking for approval.

Perreault explained that the pledge of revenue to establish a second Financial Assurance Mechanism was necessary to cover any corrective action costs at the Chester Landfill. He said that one existed for Gopher Hill between Quincy and Meadow Valley, but that discussion was for a later time.

The pledge provides assurances for the cost of initiating and completing corrective action should it be necessary. The pledge approval is in keeping with requirements by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board and in compliance with the California Code of Regulations regarding corrective action financial assurances.

Perreault explained that the Chester Landfill is a Class III project and is located on county owned property five miles northeast of Chester.

Under the agreement, Perreault explained that the county agrees to obtain and maintain assurances that if corrective action is needed in regards to the landfill that the agreement is in place.