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The Sanders family: from left are Cindi, Pastor Cary holding Grace, 6, and sons Jacob and Kyle. Photo by Stacy Fisher

Chester Wesleyan Church welcomes new pastor

A new year is almost upon us, which means there are always new changes to look forward to.

A good example is that a new pastor is in town.

Pastor Cary Sanders and his family have recently arrived from Florida to fill the vacancy at Chester Wesleyan Church left by retiring Pastor Don Towle and his wife Andrea.

Within the lines of communication of the Wesleyan denomination, Pastor Cary said he heard of the opening in Chester for the position of pastor and decided to respond.

“Pastor Don and I hit it off,” said Pastor Cary, recalling their phone conversation, “because our philosophies were very similar, and in my journey as a pastor it was exactly where the church is as it expands to the next level.” In short, “It’s a match made in heaven.”

Pastor Cary said that music is an important element of his ministering, and thought it might bring more youth into the congregation.

“However, part of the health of the church means being balanced, with parishioners of all ages worshiping together,” he said. “Everybody is welcome,” adding that he wanted to invite people of all ages to come in and talk with him about what the church could offer them.

“My Sunday morning preaching style is engaging and fun — but there’s always something that folks can take home with them that’s also practical.”

Pastor Cary said he would continue the same programs as those held previously by Pastor Don, including free lunches for community members on Mondays from noon to 2 p.m., and also the annual Widow’s Luncheon. Any additional programs or events will be announced during the year.

Sunday school for kids starts at 9:30 a.m., plus a separate Sunday school for adults at the same time; followed with a praise and worship service for everyone starting at 11 a.m.

Also held on Wednesday nights is a Bible study class at 6 p.m. for all ages.

“My goal is to build partnerships with local groups and organizations like Helping Hands Food Bank,” located next to the church, as well as the “Chester Wellness and Family Resource Center,” among others, he said.

“I want the community to know we are here to meet their needs, not only spiritually, but physical needs too, like feeding the hungry, providing some extra clothing, or helping an elderly person who needs wood during the winter season for example. We’ll find them the help they need.”

For information and to contact Pastor Cary, call 228-2948.

Spiritual mission

Pertaining to his spiritual mission and his exercise of faith as he takes over the duties of ministering at Wesleyan Church in Chester, Pastor Cary shares that: “We are striving in Jesus to realize the aspect of the Book of Acts Chapter 2; verse 46 that outlines the health of the church in our fellowship. … The work is already in motion and we’re excited about joining this love train that’s already moving quickly in the Kingdom of God. We are here to fight the good fight of faith with God’s strength, wisdom and in his holy spirit.” Amen.

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