Chester’s Casino Royale Night Out on March 14

It is hard to believe how mellow this winter has been (so far) — personally, while I’m enjoying the warmer temperatures and having less snow to move, I’m hoping for late-season snow or rainstorms before summer arrives.

Since the last Chamber update, our board met several times to work through defining the structure of a high-level strategic plan to guide our Chamber’s projects, events and related activities. At a high level, the focus areas that came out of our strategic planning included: Strong Engaged Membership, Robust Community Communications, Advocate for Community Development, Collaborate on Community Events, and Market Lake Almanor.

We also redefined the mission of the Chamber: “The mission of the Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce is to be a catalyst for connecting and collaborating with businesses, government and the community to foster a vibrant, thriving community.”

The board met again last week to discuss regular Chamber business, and welcomed director Chelsea Harrison as our newest treasurer.


In addition, we approved the budget for the Casino Royale Night Out — so it’s definitely a “GO!” This new exciting event is being hosted by the Chamber to help with cabin fever and will take place on March 14 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $60 each or $100 per couple. There won’t be any speeches or presentations — take a gamble on our new event that will be sure to win you over with all the appetizers, games, music and giveaways! Register using our online calendar to attend, sponsor, donate and volunteer.

The board also approved a new policy that community event planners may find useful. The Chamber now has a Day of Liquor License Sponsor Policy, which includes an application process and associated requirements. Contact Chelssa if you’d like more information (email [email protected]).

As a reminder, nominations are open until April 30 for our 100th 4th of July parade Grand Marshall. Entries must be turned in to B & B Booksellers, 278 Main Street in Chester or mailed to LAACC, PO Box 1198, Chester Ca 96020.

Continue submitting your events to our Community Calendar at, and check back often to see what’s new.


And as always, enjoy playing in the Lake Almanor Basin — your Base Camp to the Northern California Outdoors!