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CHP pursues vehicle from 395 to Cromberg reaching speeds of 115 mph

A Nevada woman was arrested May 1 after leading the California Highway Patrol on a high speed chase reaching 115 mph. The Quincy office of the CHP released an account of the incident today, May 3.

Quincy CHP Officer Tanguay was conducting traffic enforcement in Lassen County on northbound Highway 395, just south of Highway 70 at 8:49 p.m. on May 1.  He observed a 2012 Ford Fusion traveling at a high rate of speed, approaching from the rear in the No. 1 lane. The vehicle’s speed was estimated to be more than 100 mph.  The sedan exited Highway 395 at the intersection with Highway 70 (Hallelujah Junction) and Officer Tanguay activated his code 3 emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop on the sedan.

According to the CHP report, the sedan stopped at the intersection and then accelerated westbound on Highway 70 away from Officer Tanguay and failed to yield. According to the report, the Ford Fusion was driven in a reckless manner at speeds up to 115 mph for the next 41 miles. The Ford was passing vehicles over double yellow lines. The Ford narrowly missed a head-on collision while passing a vehicle over double yellow lines on Highway 70 at the Buttes. The Ford was spiked-stripped at Mt. Tomba by another CHP unit and yielded on Highway 70 at Old Cromberg Road.  The driver, identified by her Nevada driver’s license as Sarah Crystal Lombardi, was taken into custody and arrested.

2 thoughts on “CHP pursues vehicle from 395 to Cromberg reaching speeds of 115 mph

  • Great job guys.

  • Stupid lady thank god no one was killed. But she will be out next day sure she already out.. Sad and very scary for people that were on that road.

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