CHP Report: Minor injury accident in construction zone

On Aug. 27 at 12:12 p.m., Katlyn Faught, 25, of Greenville, was driving a 2017 black Hyundai Accent, with three passengers, westbound on Highway 70 approaching Blackhawk Road at an estimated speed of 30 to 35 mph (according to a witness). The Accent was in a construction zone and was approximately the third vehicle in a queue being escorted through the zone by a pilot car. The traffic queue was traveling in the westbound lane and the eastbound lane was closed to traffic. Heidi Patterson, 49, of Red Bluff, was on duty as the Caltrans inspector for the construction project and was stopped in a rented white Ram 1500 pickup in the eastbound lane. She was talking with the owner of the construction company who was standing outside of the Ram’s left front window. As the Accent approached the Ram, Faught rubbed her eyes and allowed the Accent to swerve out of the westbound lane and enter the eastbound lane toward the Ram. The right front corner of the Accent struck the left corner of the Ram. The Accent came to rest facing south in the eastbound lane of the highway and the Ram came to rest facing west in the eastbound lane. Both vehicles were moved out of the roadway and waited for emergency personnel to arrive. No injuries were reported for the driver of the Accent or her passengers. Patterson sustained a minor injury. Everyone was wearing a seatbelt or was properly restrained.

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