CHP responds to number of incidents including Blairsden fatality

The Quincy area office of the California Highway Patrol responded to a number of incidents over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Following are a couple of the reported incidents released by the CHP.

Fatality in Blairsden

Trent Hardie, 60, of Reno was driving a 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 on Ponderosa Drive approaching Lundy Lane in Blairsden on July 5 at 8:50 p.m. He had two passengers, including Austin Hardie, 27, also of Reno, who was riding in the bed of the pickup. Trent Hardie was traveling about 25 mph. According to the CHP report, Trent Hardie began to negotiate a right turn from Ponderosa to Lundy Lane. While performing the turn, Austin Hardie fell from the bed of the truck and sustained fatal injuries as a result of striking the roadway. Trent Hardie was determined not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident. He was not using his cell phone and was wearing his lap and shoulder harness. No injuries were reported to him or the other passenger. The incident remains under investigation.

Quincy residents sustain minor injuries


Sabrina Castellanos, 22, of Daly City, was driving a 2020 Dodge Challenger westbound on Highway 70, just west of the Twain Store Road at a reported 50-55 mph on July 5 at 4 p.m. Faith Chamberlain, 21, of Quincy was driving a 1991 Jeep Cherokee westbound on Highway 70 and was slowing to turn left into the Hallstead Campground. She was making the left turn, when Castellanos decided to pass the slow vehicles ahead of her. Castellanos pulled into the opposing lane to begin passing and the front end of her Challenger collided into the left rear of the Jeep Cherokee in the eastbound lane. Both Chamberlain, and her passenger, Maxell Chamberlain, 22, of Quincy were transported to Plumas District Hospital to be treated for minor injuries. No injuries were reported at the time to Castellanos or her two passengers.

Dirt bike injuries

Brandon Mcneece, 29, of Oroville was riding a 2016 KTM dirt bike on Caribou Road at 5:10 p.m. on July 3. He was not wearing a helmet. According to the CHP, Mcneece made an unsafe turning movement and allowed the dirt bike to overturn on the roadway. The dirt bike continued northbound on the shoulder and landed approximately 5 feet down an embankment. Mcneece walked back to his campsite where he was transported by his family member to Highway 70 at Caribou Road to receive medical attention. He was subsequently flown to Enloe Medical Center for major injuries.