There are still an abundance of smiles as another day of Christmas tree harvesting comes to an end. Members of Boy Scout Troop 36, Cub Scout Pack 36 and Lake Almanor Elks Lodge #2626 take a short break before heading over to the Pizza Factory for a replenishment of all the calories burned off in a rugged day of tree cutting. Many thanks go out to the 25-plus people and kids that worked so hard.

Christmas trees support three Boy Scout units

Harvesting Christmas trees isn’t always an easy task, but these members of Chester Boy Scout Troop 36 don’t seem to mind the strain as they endeavor to haul a 10-foot silvertip up the hill. Ultimately it would take four days of effort to fill the orders the troop received, but the results will help fund activities for two Scout units in Chester and one in Chico. Photos by Gregg Scott
The Scout motto is “Be Prepared” and that means when a customer needs a large tree the boys will find a magnificent 16-foot-plus Silvertip to adorn the lobby of the Best Western Rose Quartz Inn. Some of the comments about this photo included one woman’s assessment, “That tree looks too perfect to be a real tree,” which just goes to prove the there is nothing better than “real.”