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City council? FRC trustee? School board? Deadline to run is today

Update, 9:30 a.m., Friday, Aug. 7: Just a reminder that today at 5. p.m. is the deadline to file for several local races on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Kathy Williams, the chief elections official, provided this update as to what individuals have filed their papers, and those who have taken out papers to run for office, but not yet returned them.

Feather River College: Incumbents John Sheehan and Dana Ware have filed.

Plumas Unified School District: Incumbents Joleen Cline (District 1) and David Keller (District 4) have filed. Three individuals have taken out papers, but have not yet filed them as of this morning: Debra Thompson and Gayanna Miller for District 1 and Judith Yocum for District 4.

Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified: Christina Potter has taken out papers.

Eastern Plumas Health Care: Incumbent Paul Swanson filed; Linda Satchwell has taken out papers.

Plumas Hospital District: William Brooks and Valerie Flanigan have taken out papers.

Seneca Healthcare District: No papers or filings yet.

City of Portola: Incumbents Pat Morton, Stan Peiler and Thomas Cooley have all taken out papers.

If incumbents haven’t filed by the end of the day, the filing time for their position extends until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 12, for anyone but them to file.

Plumas County residents will be electing representatives for the following entities: Feather River Community College District; Plumas Unified School District; Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District; the three health care districts; the city of Portola; and the Plumas County Board of Supervisors – Districts 1 and 2.

Feather River College Trustees John Sheehan (Trustee Area 3) and Dana Ware (Trustee Area 5) both have terms that are up for election. Sheehan has filed his papers with the county election office to seek another term.

Plumas Unified School District Trustees Joleen Cline (Trustee Area 1) and Dave Keller (Trustee Area 4) both have terms that are up for election. Thus far two challengers have emerged — one for each districit — but while they have taken out papers, they have not filed them.

There are three trustees up for election in the Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District; all trustee areas are in Sierra County.

In the Eastern Plumas Health Care District, two positions are up for election and they are currently held by Paul Swanson and Nicole Johnson. Johnson is a Sierra County resident and came on to the board when Eastern Plumas Health Care merged with Loyalton.

In the Plumas Hospital District, only one position is up for election at this time. The seat is currently held by Indian Valley Resident John Evans. He came on to the board when Plumas merged with Indian Valley.

In the Seneca Healthcare District, Jerri Nielsen and Ken Crandall hold seats that are up for election in November.

The city of Portola has three four-year seats on the city council up for election. They are currently held by Pat Morton, Stan Peiler and Tom Cooley. Additionally, the city treasurer and city clerk, each two-year terms, will also be on the ballot.

There are two candidates in a runoff for District 1 Supervisor: Bill Powers and Dwight Ceresola. Bill Powers is a Portola City Councilman and a former Plumas County Supervisors. Ceresola is a Sierra Valley rancher and a retired Chief Master Sergeant (E9) from Nevada Air National Guard.

In District 2 there is a runoff between Kevin Goss and Mike Grant. Goss is the incumbent Plumas County Supervisor and Grant works for the Plumas County Sheriff and heads Plumas County Search and Rescue.

Because this is a presidential election year, Kathy Williams, Plumas County’s clerk/recorder, expects a large turnout. “I think it will be in the 70 to 75 percent range,” she said. Voters also will be electing a state senator, an assembly member and Congressional represenation.

And Williams reminds voters to check their voter registration. “If you’ve moved or married, you can re-register online or come by the office. (The first floor of the county courthouse in Quincy.)

An issue also can surface when registering a vehicle. Williams said that individuals who have a home in Plumas County and another elsewhere may opt to register the vehicle in Plumas because of the lesser requirements to smog vehicles. But doing so automatically changes where a person is registered to vote. “The DMV has motor voter,” Williams said as she described the new statewide system.

“You can go on online and correct it at the secretary of state’s website or call us here at 283-6256 for assistance,” Williams said.

Those who are interested in seeking local office can find all of the information needed on the Plumas County election site at https://www.plumascounty.us/142/Elections-Division-Home

Candidates for Board of Trustees for school districts must be registered voters residing within specified trustee areas in Sierra or Plumas County. Candidates for Board of Directors for hospital districts must be registered voters residing within the boundaries of those hospital districts. Candidates for the City Council and City Treasurer for the City of Portola must be registered voters residing within the boundaries of the City of Portola.

Declarations of candidacy forms may be obtained from the Plumas County Clerk and district secretaries and must be filed by Aug. 7 at 5 p.m. Those filing for the city of Portola, are available at the city clerk’s office in Portola.

Once again Plumas County is all-mail voting. Election Day is Nov. 3 and all ballots must be postmarked by that day and received by Nov. 6 to be counted.



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