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City reports Community Clean Up program is underway at council meeting

With all council members present, the meeting opened.

City Council communications

Councilmember Stan Peiler reported that Interim City Manager Jon Kennedy had initiated the community clean-up program, stating that he was eager to see what role he can play moving forward.

Councilmember Bill Powers reported attending a meeting of the Juvenile Justice Delinquency Commission.

Mayor Pro Tem Tom Cooley reported attending a fire services study group meeting, with a presentation by consultants. Cooley also touched on hoped-for wildfire fuel reduction grant programs that were in the initial stages of grant application.

Mayor Pat Morton reported that she had attended the meeting of the LESSG with Cooley.

Beckwourth Fire District report

Beckwourth Fire Department (BFD) representative Gay Miller reported that the department has begun training for upcoming season. She also noted that BFD had dispatched to a possible structure fire in the past week.

“Upon arrival they had confirmed involved structure fire,” Johnson reported. There were no injuries, and the blaze was fully contained. The department thanked Eastern Plumas Rural Fire Protection District (EPRFPD) and Sierra Valley Fire for supplying mutual aid.

“Beckwourth Fire has four members graduating from the Quincy Fire Academy this weekend, and the department has the new SCBA’s from the FEMA grant operational and in service,” Johnson concluded.

Kennedy reported that the city had engaged in a recent conference call with the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District, or NSAQMD, where participants discussed the need to enhance the wood stove change out program and reduce emissions caused by mostly wood fire in the city.

“We had a pretty good discussion,” Kennedy said. “If we want to, we can pay a person to help enforce and educate in the city for the program. NSAQMD may be able to fund someone, and there will be more specifics to come.”

City manager report

Kennedy reported that the Community Clean Up (CCU) was “well underway.”  we started yesterday with three properties,” Kennedy said.

“After assessing the first five, we will indeed be renting a small excavator to help with compacting and lifting hazardous debris. There has been a pretty good response from the community so far.”

Council went on to approve the consent calendar by unanimous roll call vote before moving to the next item.

Resolution 2505- Remote meetings

This item briefly re-ratified the proclamation of the state of emergency and reauthorized remote teleconference meetings of city hall.

Council discussed the rising rate of covid infection in the community, and the potential for opening the doors for council meetings. Powers ultimately moved to approve the resolution to continue meetings via Zoom for the time being, which was then approved unanimously by roll call vote.

Ratification of items related to AB 361

Kennedy reported that as he had been going through the timeline of recent resolutions without a city clerk, he noticed that Covid AB 361 hadn’t been updated recently.

“Now we’ll never miss it,” Kennedy said. “We noticed it and decided to bring it back and ratify the actions that were taken during the March 23 and April 27 meetings to remain compliant under AB 361.”

The ratifications needed were approved unanimously by roll call vote.

LEAP Grant expenditure for sewer camera

City Finance Officer Susan Scarlett spoke about the expense of a needed sewer camera, which would be fully reimbursable through a LEAP grant.

Local Ashlee Sims asked why a new camera was needed during public comment, with the response to locate system infrastructure and develop an online map, and Scarlett also noted that the camera being bought would be used, not new.

“The brand-new ones are extremely expensive,” Scarlett said. “Even though this has been approved in theory, we would like specific permission from you tonight for the purchase.”

Without any other public comment, council members approved the expenditure unanimously by roll call vote.

At this time, the meeting was adjourned. For more information, visit cityofportola.com.

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