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Cold windy conditions are keeping boats off the water


Lake Almanor

The weather spicket has turned off over the past four days leaving the Lake Almanor area with clear cool skies at lake level. Overnight lows in the low teens and daytime highs in the mid-thirties are keeping the ground frozen are preventing snow melt. Lake level has increased by another six-tenths of a foot, sitting at 4481.63. The water temperatures remain unchanged in the mid-thirties. While it is nice to have a break in the weather, more precipitation would be needed to achieve a “full” lake before heading into summer. The 7-day forecast is calling for clear skies; the 10-day forecast shows chances of snow the first of February which could last multiple days.

“The Canyon Dam ramp was not cleared as of Thursday (Jan. 19),” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “There is ice forming in coves and most of the lake, from Rec II to Prattville north, is covered in ice.” Bank fishermen are catching fish around the dam. Hamilton Branch is depositing large volumes of water into Almanor and there is not much pressure from anglers. Cold windy conditions are keeping boats off the water.


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