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College baseball strikes true

Jerry Thomas is ready to knock the pitch out of the park March 6. He scored two runs in game two against the Redwoods.

The Feather River College Eagle baseball team is hitting a stride with four wins in a row of conference play.

The streak started Feb. 29 with a victory over the Shasta Knights, 9-2. March 5 the Eagles beat the College of the Redwood Corsairs in Quincy by a score of 17-3 in the first of a 3-game series. The details beyond the score for the doubleheader that followed were not available last week at press time, but here they are now.

FRC 4, Redwoods 2

In game one between the Corsairs and Eagles, scoring began in the top of the third with Redwoods nailing two runs. The Eagles scored a run in the fifth inning, one in the sixth and one in the seventh to tie the game. FRC broke the tie to win the game with one more run in the eighth inning.

Peter Mendazona, Kyle Boomgaarden, Brad Madison and Eric Spencer scored runs for the Eagles. Boomgaarden hit two RBIs, and Jerry Thomas hit one RBI.

Thomas hit a double, Jake Christianson and Boomgaarden each hit a sacrifice fly.

Zach Perkins and Sebasten Boivin pitched for the Eagles. Boivin struck out eight of the 15 batters he faced in 4.1 innings and Perkins struck out two of the 18 batters he faced in 4.2 innings pitched.

FRC 16, Redwoods 6

Game two also went eight innings and the Eagles won 16-6. Braden Del Carlo crossed home plate to score three times. Thomas, Mendazona, Hayden Love, Madison, Spencer and Garrett Damico all scored two runs each. Kitrel made the loop once to score a run.

Madison hit three RBIs. Love hit two RBIs as did Ryan Bolf, Damico and Boomgaarden. Madison hit a home run, Kitrel and Love both hit doubles.

Thomas stole two bases. Mendazona and Damico also stole a base.

Feather River tried out various pitchers on the mound during the game. Bryce Rogers pitched the majority of the game (four innings). Tristan Catan pitched two innings and struck out two of the eight batters who came to the plate. Drew Clark pitched two innings to face six batters and strike out one.

The most recent team to meet the Eagle challenge was the Butte College Roadrunners in a three game series starting March 12 on the Feather River College diamond.

FRC home games

3/21 Lassen 12 noon & 2 p.m.

3/27 Siskiyous 3 p.m.

3/28 Siskiyous 1 p.m.

4/3 Shasta 3 p.m.

4/18 Butte 1 p.m.

4/22 Lassen 3 p.m.

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