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College dorms ready to put excess items to use

Feather River College dormitory staff would like to help Plumas County clean out the garage, the storage unit, the living room or the kitchen.

From Aug. 1 through 16, FRC maintenance staff are welcoming donations for incoming dorm residents.

“Items that students coming in to the dorms can always use are lamps, chairs, pots and pans, dishes, microwaves, sheets for extra long twin beds, blankets, small couches and more,” said Foundation Board member Nancy Gambell.

Donations can be dropped off in the parking lot of the dorms at 300 Golden Eagle Avenue during the first half of August through the 16th of the month. The phone number at the dorms is 283-9414.

There is a plan developing to create a storage space to recycle items that have, in the past, ended up in the dumpster at the conclusion of previous semesters.

FRC Foundation and FRC Facilities are working together to implement a plan to reduce recyclable waste from campus and provide recyclable items in good condition to incoming students.


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