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Carlos Espana, ARPD trails committee chairman, and Barbara Williams, ARPD trails committee member, take a momentary breather from snowshoeing along the snow-covered Collins Pine Trail on Feb. 8. Photo by Steve Fleming

Collins Pine Trail Restoration Plan moves forward

The Almanor Recreation and Park District Trail Committee along with the Caribou Alliance for Trails have been busily planning the restoration of the Collins Pine Trail.

The trail is located just behind Chester Park and the Truman-Collins Sports Complex in Chester.

This trail system is a series of loops and spurs, some of which run along or near the North Fork of the Feather River. Each trail segment offers the visitor a unique opportunity to learn about our local forest and rivers. While the trail has been in existence for years there is an evident need to maintain and clean the trails, as well as aligning and improving signage.

By partnering with the Collins Pine Co., specifically Terry Collins and Nick Kent, forest manager for Collins Pine, we have developed an agreement and a phased-in work plan for the trail.

  Without their support and direction, the trails committee would not be able to provide our communities with a special outdoor experience when hiking the Collins Pine Trail.

The trail group will be asking for volunteers to help in the restoration project once forest conditions allow.

Most recently, several of our trail planners snowshoed into the trail area. Our desire was to see if the trail provided for winter activities, and we followed the summer trail routes. It looks very promising! Cross-country skiing and snowshoe travel appear to be a nice fit. Conversations with Collins and Kent have just begun as we establish our plans to restore the trail to its original condition.

ARPD and CATS work to provide our communities with outdoor recreation opportunities. Exercise, family fun and education are but a few benefits.

Your trails committee is always looking for new ways to get us all “off the couch and on the trail.” Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our request for volunteers to help restore the Collins Pine Trail.

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