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Conference draws Plumas residents

More than 20 Plumas County residents are headed to Long Beach on Oct. 11-13 for the 1Life Fully Lived annual conference. A conference that was started in Plumas County eight years ago by the nonprofit organization, 1Life Fully Lived.

This year’s conference has grown by leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings in Portola with only a few presenters and local attendees.

The action and information-packed event being held at the Hilton in Long Beach features eight keynote and 24 breakout session presenters. From the billionaire co-founder of Priceline to podcast hosts ranked above Oprah Winfrey, there is a star-studded lineup with exactly the information to take the worldwide attendees from simply surviving to thriving.

The presenter lineup and attendee reach is reflective of 1Life Fully Lived as an organization. Over the past few years the size of the 1Life Community has grown, the reach has increased, and 1Life has grown into Founder Tim Rhode’s vision of helping people transform their lives no matter where they currently are.

“To us as long as a person is willing to ‘eat their broccoli’ and do the tough inner work, you CAN dream, build and LIVE the life you imagined as a kid,” said Rhode, a Portola resident. We see it daily, so we know it to be true. Come to Long Beach and see a different take on how life could be lived.”

1Life teachings revolve around four core areas: vision planning, relationships, finances and wellness. Rhode and his team deliver those teachings at the conference, local and national workshops, and through youth programs across the country like the 1Life Dare2Dream assembly program or the 1Life Roadmap Journal, now available through Amazon.

The holistic approach to thriving in all areas of life is paying off for many “1Lifers” as they call themselves.

Portola resident Rhonda Smith started out by attending an event five years ago. She worked hard, implemented the 1Life core teachings and has seen a complete transformation of her life.

“1Life Fully Lived was the catalyst that ignited my fire. A community and foundation to support my growth and evolution to remember who and what I really am,” shared Smith, a Life Architect who hosts a podcast, facilitates retreats and ceremonies through her business Cosmicsmith.

Sacramento area resident Matt Aitchison started the Millionaire Mindset Podcast, Austin-based Diego Corzo, now a financially free real estate investor, was a teenage immigrant from Peru when he discovered 1Life and followed the core teachings four years ago.  David Greene, former law enforcement officer, now host of the Bigger Pockets Podcast are all among those that have launched their best lives from the 1Life Community.

“The best way I know to help lift humanity is to help each person become the best version of themselves and that is exactly what each person will learn at this year’s 1Life Fully Lived conference in Long Beach,” concluded Rhode.

In addition to keynote and breakout sessions, a benefit concert will be held Friday night that will feature uplifting music, spoken word and comedy. Saturday night, attendees will have the chance to compete for a spot to present on the main stage that night by winning the 1Life Chat Challenge.

For more information about tickets to the conference, joining the caravan to the event or other 1Life Fully Lived programs visit 1lifefullylived.org.

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