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Confirmed wolf kill in county

The first wolf attack in Plumas County was confirmed by California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Witnesses at the scene say it was the local wolf pack that mauled the calf that was subsequently euthanized.

The attack occurred in Taylorsville on North Arm Road at the Metcalf Ranch on the night of April 1. The first witness to the scene was local wolf enthusiast Van Probst who heard commotion and bawling at the neighboring ranch. He said he hopped in his truck at about 9 p.m. with his spotlight. When he got to the cattle he saw three wolves near the herd and could hear the cries of a distressed calf.

He alerted the ranchers who contacted CDFW Wolf Biologist Kent Laudon. The next morning the calf was still alive, but had sustained injuries consistent with those of wolf attacks, which included injuries on its hind end and neck. The ranchers decided to euthanize the calf, and Laudon collected DNA samples off the animal to determine whether it was wolves that attacked.

The results of that DNA test confirmed that it was a wolf attack.

Members of the Plumas County Fish and Wildlife Commission responded to the attack at their regular board meeting on April 5.

Commissioner Bob Orange said the incident occurred across the street from his house and he confirmed Probst’s story.

“They are not leaving,” said Orange. “They have been [in North Arm] for about three months.”

“They are going to kill cows, and they are going to kill people’s dogs and people are going to get upset,” said a commissioner from Portola, Dan Seiler. “[Indian Valley] is one of the most game-rich corners of the county… [the attack] is no surprise.”

Laudon will present on the wolf issue at the next Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting Thursday, May 3, 7 p.m., at the Veterans Hall in Quincy and members of the public are welcome to attend.

8 thoughts on “Confirmed wolf kill in county

  • I thought that wolves in California were federally protected by the ESA. This guy should go jail. I’m sick of whinny cowboys and ranchers. I thought they were supposed to be so tough, but we know it is all about money. They raise these animals to slaughter them. They need to take it as part of being in the business. They get BLM fees that pitifully below the market, they get reimbursed for killings so they shouldn’t be complaining. Cattle die mostly from weather and disease. Some predators do kill cattle but wolves at the bottom of that list. Give me a break you big babies. You make me sick

  • No one killed a wolf maybe you should read and understand what the story says before you start making an ass out of yourself, and for you information there is currently not reimbursement for livestock killed by wolves .

    • Both of you are wrong the wolf wasn’t killed and ranchers do get reimbursed in each state that has a wolf population in the US

      • Not in California they dont.

      • I’m pretty sure ur telling the ranchers son he dosent know his family’s business. Lol.

  • The Government doent bail out other types of businesses, as they shouldnt with Ranchers. Other businesses get told to write losses off as a cost of doing business. I for 1 am tired of supporting Ranchers. Most of them eventually get caught lying anyway.

  • So the wounded and dying calf was left with its painful injuries for twelve hours before the ranchers got around to dealing with it? Without human interaction the wolves would have at least finished the job in a few merciful minutes I would assume. Poor little calf. I’m just curious if wolves are a natural part of the habitat there. Anyone know?

  • Ranchers raise our food for us. Eastern farmers and western ranchers have been subsidized for losses by government for as long as I remember, with good reason. When I read posts like those by Ms. Alexander and Brad’s_Friend, I wonder about the obvious misconnect. Making negative comments about those who feed you is idiotic. Likewise, being tripped apart and eaten by lust filled predators, while you’re still alive, is anything but merciful! Do people not understand how cruel nature can be?

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