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Confirmed wolf kill near Chester

“The wolves have been howling in North Arm again,” reported rancher Heather Kingdon. There’s nervousness to the report. Kingdon has 100 mother cows with calves up in the region where wolves were sighted last year around this time; near where a calf was killed.

But her thoughts were both with her own herd and the word on the ranching grapevine of another rancher, Wally Roney, and a dead calf.

On Sept. 7, according to a livestock loss determination report released by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, a livestock producer that morning found a dead calf in his meadow in western Lassen County.

The dead calf was six months old and approximately 450 pounds. The physical evidence on the report lists “multiple bite wounds with associated hemorrhage.”

The report goes on to name the Lassen Pack as the probable culprit as the pack has been seen in the area. And at the time of investigation on Sept. 7, “wolf tracks were observed on nearby roads.” The collared female in the pack was not near the site, according to the report, but wolves in a pack sometimes hunt miles away from each other.

That calf was in a small holding field as Roney was readying his herd to be shipped out. This was in an area near Chester and Westwood.

The incident was listed and verified on the depredation reports on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website Thursday, Sept. 13.

One incident of a wolf attack on a calf was listed for Aug. 15 in a nearby area.

Another calf killing in roughly the same area on Aug. 18 was not attributed to wolves, but listed as unknown cause.

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