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A perfect day for Longboards races in Johnsville. Photo by Chris Coughlin

Congratulations to our February Longboard Race honorable winners!

By Lisa Kelly

Let it be known that though the competition was fierce on that bright sunny day – February 19th – for the 14 female and 38 male racers daring to dawn their 14 – 16 foot longboards. The conditions were ideal! The new snow groomer laid down a near perfect skiing surface and the skis were doped to go at optimum speed!


1st Place Wendy Antibus

2nd Place Rachel “The Rascal” Bauer

3rd Place Kina Nemeth (Team TNT)


1st Place Adam “The Interloper” Henriques

2nd Place Greg “Slickbottom” Hinds

3rd Place Dale “The Butcher” Lambert

Please join the Plumas Ski Club next month on Sunday, March 19 for the final race of the year and the culmination of the 2023 World Championship Longboard Races. The illustrious winners will take home the coveted “Title Belt” and with it, the bragging rights for the entire year – ok let’s be honest, the bragging rights last a lifetime! The Plumas Ski Club wishes to extend a huge thanks to all the volunteers and support from the community!


Women winners from left: Wendy, Rachel and Kina. Photo by Chris Coughlin
Men winners left: Greg, Adam and Dale. Photo by Chris Coughlin

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