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This is the scene as the sun came up in East Quincy on Feb. 12. Oliver Litchfield spotted the fire, that began in the front corner building. It spread to a structure behind it and to a two-story adjacent apartment building. Photo by Debra Moore

Congressman to honor teen who rescued people in Quincy Fire

Oliver Litchfield’s quick thinking and response helped save people from burning structures, this morning, Feb. 12. Photo submitted

Congressman Kevin Kiley will be in town next Tuesday, Feb. 21,  at 2:30 p.m. to honor 16-year-old Oliver Litchfield for his role in rescuing people from the Feb. 12 fire in East Quincy. The event will be held at Quincy High School where Oliver is an independent study student.  Kiley will present him with a  certificate of congressional recognition.

Oliver Litchfield was driving through East Quincy in the early morning hours of Feb. 12 when he spotted flames coming from a building. After calling 911, Oliver went window to window to get residents out of the buildings (three structures burned) and even cushioned one individual with his body after that person jumped out of a second story window. He later returned to help firefighters roll up their hoses, and also visited the fire station to receive paperwork to volunteer in a more official capacity. Both Oliver’s father and uncle are first responders.


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