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Contractor found for Tobin water

Fingers crossed — Tobin might finally get its long awaited water system finished.

Supervisor Jeff Engel made that announcement to other supervisors at two recent Plumas County Board of Supervisors meetings.

Guess Plumbing and Supply  is the company that finally stepped forward to complete Tobin’s water supply project.

Getting water to the tiny Feather River Canyon community has been on again, off again for years. The water system was initially part of a community Development Block Grant in 2012.

While some of the system is in place, the final stages are unfinished leaving Tobin area residents without a hookup.

Early last year, Stantec, an engineering company traditionally used by Plumas County’s Public Works, agreed to finish the job. But the job didn’t get completed.

Plumas County then thought that Facility Services might finish the work. That didn’t work out either.

Engel has spent months attempting to find a contractor that could and would finish the small job.

According to the county administrator funding was set aside for the project last year.

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