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County counsel approved to fill position or create new one

County Counsel Craig Settlemire received approval from the Plumas County Board of Supervisors to begin the job search for a recently vacated position.

Settlemire is on the hunt for a paralegal I/II/II or management analyst I/II person to fill a position being vacated by Mari Snyder.

Snyder is filling a position in the new county administrator’s department. She is a paralegal.

This is a full time position and has been brought to the attention of the Human Resources Director Nancy Selvage.

Whereas the position was a paralegal position, the job search and potential hiring can now include the management analyst. Hourly salaries for a paralegal range from $16.56 to $20.15 depending on the level. For a management analyst it ranges from $21.37 to $23.56 per house. And then there are benefits.

During previous meetings supervisors Lori Simpson and Sherrie Thrall expressed a preference for a paralegal.

Some discussion occurred Tuesday, June 11, about whether the position needed to go through the union. Settlemire said this fits into the confidential employees group and doesn’t go through the union.

Currently, Settlemire is the county counsel, with Gretchen Stuhr as a deputy county counsel III, and Sara James as a deputy county counsel II. The paralegal or management analyst position serves as support.

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