County, Wildwood enter MOU on snow plowing responsibilities

Plowing snow isn’t usually on anyone’s mind in late June, but Plumas County Public Works and the Community Development Commission for Wildwood Lane have reached an agreement on who plows and maintains what.

In a memorandum of understanding both agencies have spelled out which agencies will plow and maintain roadways and who will plow and maintain parking areas.

Public Works Director Bob Perreault was before the Plumas County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, June 11, recommending they authorize the MOU.

Providing a little background information, Perreault said that the Wildwood Senior Center was developed in 1991. It is managed by the Plumas County Community Development Commission. It was accepted into the county road system and is served by a combination of county and PCCDC infrastructure.

But in the passing years, it became unclear as to who was plowing what areas during the snowy winter months.

In the MOU, the county will maintain traveled lanes for maintenance, pavement markings and especially plowing.

PCCDC will maintain improvements of the pavement in parking spaces, markings, curbs, gutters and sidewalks, subsurface drainage facilities and snow removal for parking areas and sidewalks.

Perreault said that a plan was actually in place back when Dave Keller was executive director of PCCDC. Now it has been re-evaluated under Roger Diefendorf as the relatively new executive director.

Perreault said that he and CDC representatives discussed the situation and then had a “meeting of the minds” with PCCDC ready to supported the finalized MOU.

Supervisors approved the MOU.