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CPUD approves partnership program to improve public lighting

The Chester Public Utility District in partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric has opted into a program to improve public lighting in Chester.

PG&E will convert streetlights across the city from older, high-pressure sodium vapor light bulbs to state-of-the-art LED lamps.

The conversions are part of an initiative approved by the California Public Utilities Commission to promote safety and energy efficiency in public lighting. LED streetlights last four times longer than sodium vapor lamps.

The upgrade program will include all the PG&E-owned streetlights in Chester.  Converting the fixtures to LED lamps will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and result in annual savings in power costs to CPUD.

PG&E will notify neighborhoods before the bucket trucks belonging to the PG&E contractor start to change out the lamps.

“We expect no effect on parking or traffic during this conversion,” stated Karen Lichti, public information officer for CPUD and Chester fire. “Contractors will not need access to your property to complete their work.”

For more information, visit pge.com/streetlightupgrade, email  [email protected] or call 877-743-2677.

Additional information is also available at the CPUD Facebook page at ChesterFire or ChesterPUD.org.

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