CPUD getting back on track

By Gregg Scott

Staff Writer

The July 26 meeting of the Chester Public Utility District (CPUD) was called to order on a high note. All of the board members and other participants could be easily heard and understood due to a newly installed public address system. After opening formalities and the usual public comment notifications, the first item on the agenda was to elect someone to the Vice Chair position left open by a resignation earlier in the year. After some discussion, and director Royce Raker declining a nomination due to scheduling conflicts, director Kimberly Green was nominated and elected by unanimous vote. Next item was to reschedule the regular August meeting due to scheduling conflicts with the general manager and two of the board members. It was decided to change the meeting date to Tuesday, Aug.30  at 5:30 p.m.

Moving on, those in attendance heard Mr. R T Dennis give a report on the annual financial audit for the fiscal year 2020-2021. He reported that all the books were in order and no negative comments were attached. Under the general manager’s report he noted that with all the departments combined the district had finished the year “in the black.”

The fire chief’s report contained several bullet point items including administrative changes to help with better operations effectiveness and personnel communication, to the ordering of the new breathing apparatus funded by a grant. Highlighted items were the successful move of personnel and equipment back to the airport fire station local. He also noted that the apartment at the Main Street location is currently being rented and negotiations are taking place to rent out the old fire station.


Another item of note is that the Collins Pine Co, was the successful bidder on a used fire engine being sold by CPUD. Collins has also asked for some direction and training from Chester Fire to create a fire brigade for the company. There are also talks going on between several fire departments and the Plumas Sheriff’s Department to address ways to improve dispatch communications. The chief also noted that Chester Fire has signed on a new volunteer fire trainee and welcomes all who are interested to apply.