CPUD recommends water service rate increase

Chester Public Utility District

This publication is to notify you that the Chester Public Utility District Board of Directors recommends that a water service rate increase be implemented. Capital improvements are essential due to the age and deterioration of the distribution system. The California Consumer Price Index (CPI) or 3%, whichever is less.  The CPI average for 2021 is 2.1%.

The increase recommended is 2.1%. The water service rates will be adjusted according to meter

Residential:                                          Commercial:                 Meter Size

R1 – $26.38                                           C1 – $26.38                       5/8”

R2 – $27.66                                           C2 – $27.66                       3/4”

R3 – $29.67                                           C3 – $29.67                       1”

R4 – $35.62                                           C4 – $35.62                       1-1/2”

R5 – $47.43                                           C5 – $47.43                        2”

R6 – $85.77                                           C6 – $85.77                        3”

R7 – $147.97                                         C7 – $147.97                      4”

R8 – $160.96                                                                                    6”

R9 – $428.15                                                                                    8”

The CPUD Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday June 15, 2021, and hold a public hearing to receive public comments on the proposed monthly water service rates.  The meeting will begin at 3:00pm at the Chester Public Utility District building, 251 Chester Airport Road, Chester, California.

As a resident of Chester, you have the right to file a written protest in regards to the recommended water service rates.  Written protests must contain the following information to be considered valid by the CPUD Board of Directors:

1)  Clearly state your opposition to the recommended monthly water service rates

2)  Your parcel(s) APN number(s)

3)  Original signature

Written protests will be accepted at the CPUD office located at 251 Chester Airport Road, or by mailing them to Chester PUD, P.O. Box 503, Chester, CA 96020, until 2:00pm on June 15, 2021.  At the June 15, 2021 Board meeting, the Chester Board of Directors will publicly announce the number of valid protests received and consider raising the water service rates.  If a majority of Chester residents file valid protests, the water service monthly rate cannot be put into effect.

Chester Public Utility District has the responsibility to provide water, sewer, fire, emergency response, and ambulance services.  The cost of providing water to Chester residents has increased since the water service rates were last adjusted in 2019.  This increase will allow CPUD to provide the high level of service you have come to expect and establish a reserve fund for replacing water lines and equipment in the future.

If you have questions regarding the proposed water service rates, please contact me at (530) 258-2171 or via email at [email protected].

Allan Homme, General Manager

Chester Public Utility District