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Cribbage is easy to win if you get the right cards

At our Saturday, Aug. 10, cribbage tournament we had a nice even 12 players, which included a regular visitor from the Reno Club, our friend and long ago Quincy resident Ron Morgan.

First place honors and loot went to Lee Davis with an outstanding 17 game points earned with seven wins. Morgan took second with a nice 16/7 posting on the day and I (Doug Rodrigues) came in third with a 14/6 day and fourth place went to Keith Nelson, who drives over from Crescent Mills, with a 11/5 scorecard and a net point spread of plus-20. This was enough to edge out Frank Davis, who comes from Quincy, who also had an 11/5 score, but only a plus-3 spread.

There were three 24-hands dealt that day with Susan Terry getting the first one and Davis getting the last two so he won the 24-Hand Pot. There were only two 4-of-a-kind hands held by Keith Nelson and Davis. Keith won the tie-breaking cut of the cards to win the 4-of-a-Kind Pot.

I had a tough start winning only two of my first five games. To add insult to injury, the three 24-hands posted for the day were all against me in those first five games. In fact, Frank got his two huge hands for the day in game five while playing against me! However, as grim as it looked after five games, my cards turned around and I won the last four games with two by skunking my opponents, both of those wins were worth an extra point each on the scorecard. That fast finish catapulted me into third place for the day.

Morgan had a similar experience playing at his Reno club the previous Tuesday. He said after winning only two out of his first five games he came back to win his last four games, all by skunks, to take first place! Our new motto is “Never say die!”

I’ve begun collecting the grassroots club dues for the 2019/20 American Cribbage Congress (ACC) sanctioned season, which begins Sunday, Sept. 1. That’s when anyone scoring 12 or more points in a tournament will be able to apply them towards their ACC lifetime total and towards their run to our Club Champion for the season. Grassroots Club Champions are automatically invited to play in the annual Tournament of Champions, played once a year at the Grand National Tournament.

The Graeagle Peggers Grassroots Cribbage Club meets at Gumba’s Pizza in Blairsden every Saturday for a nine-game tournament. Check-in is at 10:45 a.m. and play begins at 11 a.m.

For more information or questions, contact me, Doug Rodrigues, the club’s director at 836-4254. Players of all skill levels are welcome!

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