Dec. 4 deadline for local businesses to share in $100,000 grant funds

Dec. 4 is the deadline for local businesses to apply for grant funding from Plumas County. County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick said that $100,000 had been set aside from the county’s share of CARES Act funding to help local businesses.
According to Hydrick, $85,000 remains to be distributed.
“We’d like to get the money to the businesses. All of it. Please help spread the word,” Hydrick said today.
Qualifying businesses will receive grant funding under this program according to the number of full-time
employees on March 1, 2020:
0 Employees: $500.00
1‐10 Employees: $666.50
11‐20 Employees: $888.45
21‐30 Employees: $1,184.30
31‐40 Employees: $1,578.67
41‐50 Employees: $2,104.36
If the available funds are not allocated or depleted by Dec. 11, 2020, the remaining funds will be proportionally allocated to the businesses that successfully submitted an application until all remaining funds are depleted.

Here is a link to the application: https//