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Dedication and challenge earn Principal’s Recognition Award honors for Quincy High’s Jamie Johnson

By Roni Java

Jamie Johnson, a senior at Quincy Junior-Senior High School (QJSHS), earned the distinguished Principal’s Recognition Award and congratulations when the Plumas Unified School District’s (PUSD) Governing Board of Trustees met in February.

QJSHS Principal Tom Brown presented the award virtually and with a smile, introducing Jamie and commending her for exemplary achievements and leadership. Parents Cherri and Jon Johnson were also logged on for the meeting held by Zoom teleconference.

“It’s my honor to present Jamie Johnson to the school board,” Principal Brown said. “There are a lot of students who do a great job and I can’t think of anyone better for this recognition award because Jamie has done an outstanding job for us over this time period at Quincy Junior-Senior High School.”

Conquering challenges with resilience and leadership

Describing the high-achieving senior as a dedicated, industrious student who challenges herself in many ways, especially academically, the principal said one Quincy high staffer observed “Jamie doesn’t strive for perfection but instead uses her skills to set goals, strives to learn and sets her sights on her future dreams.”

Brown concurred and told the trustees, “Jamie carries a 4.02 weighted GPA and has taken all five AP courses. She challenges herself in the classroom and was instrumental in starting our Gay Straight Student Alliance club.”

Principal Brown also said Jamie organized a senior study group in 2020 that meets to support the students, build collaboration and helps them receive peer-to-peer instruction. Next, he took the opportunity to relay appreciation and compliments from Jamie’s Quincy High teachers.

Inspiring others by example

Brown said Jamie’s teachers recognize her for constantly striving to do her best, reaching for the top in her studies and, as part of the class of 2021, making it through the adversity of COVID-19 that has impacted day-to-day learning in Quincy. Her resilience and ability “to bounce back” are an inspiration, one teacher remarked.

Marisa Lerch teaches at QJSHS. She sent her congratulations for the award winner whom she said is an excellent art student with a wonderful demeanor, someone who is willing to take on challenges and seeks ways to improve her work.

“For years, Jamie has impressed me with her natural intellect and kindness,” Lerch said. “She’s repeatedly and consistently demonstrated a remarkable work ethic and showed her willingness to innovate and solve problems, especially during these isolated times. Jamie refuses to let obstacles slow her ultimate progress.”

Other teaches agreed. Through Principal Brown, Suzanne Sterling and Karen Hicks both expressed appreciation for Jamie’s dedication to her studies and causes she cares about.

“My best memory of Jamie was as a passionate seventh-grader who was always willing to learn and to be supportive of others,” Stirling noted. “Even then, she was an incredible young reader and writer with a thirst for knowledge.”

Very deserving, with her sights on the future

Hicks stated, “Jamie is very deserving of this recognition. Anyone who knows her can tell you she’s a hardworking, caring and excellent communicator. Her talents go far beyond the classroom walls and she’s knowledgeable in many aspects of life — which is so incredible for a person of her age.”

The praise was universal for the senior who is focused and ambitious. With her immediate sights set on graduation from Quincy High, she wants to go to FRC for an associate’s degree in agriculture and then onward to the University of Idaho or Montana to double-major in accounting and agriculture.

Jamie also plans to continue her Spanish education because she hopes to go to Spain once the COVID-19 pandemic is further resolved and ends. The young lady’s career goals and personal dreams include serving people’s accounting needs while running a small sustainable farm.

Principal Brown concluded the award presentation by acknowledging Jamie Johnson’s commitment to her community and the strong family support she receives to help her reach her goals.

“Jamie’s a determined and resilient young adult who is kind and caring and looks out for others,” Principal Brown said. “What more could you want from someone who’s going to graduate from the Plumas County Unified School District here in a few months? Thank you, Jamie!”

District and trustees enjoy honoring student achievements

 The Plumas County Unified School District and its County Office of Education trustees and administrators enjoy recognizing exceptional pupils who do well academically and also accomplish great things both in and out of school.

The Principal’s Recognition Award honors outstanding students who display the characteristics that PUSD’s governing board promotes in its mission statement and within the vision adopted for Plumas schools and students countywide.

Each school chooses to award a student for demonstrating personal achievement. The honor recognizes students for developing the skills necessary to be self-directed, productive and responsible citizens.

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