From left, Janie McBride, Stephanie Swithenbank, Stephanie Phillips, Dr. Daniel Hoffman, Serena Eckenroad and Melinda Minehart give big smiles in the freshly remodeled dental clinic at 500 First Ave. in Portola at the Eastern Plumas Health Care campus. Photo by Lauren Westmoreland

Dental clinic remodel shines

Eastern Plumas Health Care  has completed an extensive remodel of the dental clinic at the Portola campus, and Dr. Daniel Hoffman, DDS at EPHC, is already enthused about the response from the public. “There has been a lot of positive feedback,” Hoffman smiled. “Our patients are getting high quality care with updated equipment.”

“Everything is remodeled, with almost twice as many rooms as we had before,” Hoffman explained, gesturing around the clinic, which shone with fresh paint and a flowing floor plan. “Each room has a new chair with a new delivery unit, and the rooms are meant to enhance patient privacy during office visits.”

The dental clinic offers an increase to six patient treatment rooms, with what Hoffman deemed “superior dental equipment.” Out of the six rooms, two chairs are designated for dental hygienists, with one hygienist on board, and the EPHC team in the process of recruiting a second.

“Patients and employees have been very understanding of the challenges during the remodel, but overall it has been a smooth process,” Hoffman said. “We’re happy to be here, and we are especially grateful to donations from the EPHC Auxiliary that made much of this possible.”


CEO Todd Plimpton echoed the sentiment, stating, “This wouldn’t have happened without the Auxiliary.” Janie McBride, President of the EPHC Auxiliary, explained that the EPHC Auxiliary runs the Nifty Thrifty in Portola, and that funds taken in there go toward the patient care-related wish list created by EPHC.

“The Auxiliary was able to donate $54,194.42 toward the patient chairs at the dental clinic,” McBride noted.

The dental clinic is also upgrading dental software to a program called Dentrix, which Hoffman noted will be a more efficient and accurate state of the art dental software program.

“The clinic is also getting new radiograph sensors for dental imaging, which will integrate with the new software and provide higher quality imaging,” Hoffman stated. The clinic also utilizes Panorex panoramic dental imaging software.

While the clinic does not perform sedation dentistry, those looking for attentive care at the clinic can receive services related to fillings, crowns, bridges, removable prosthesis and simple extractions.


Pediatric dentist Dr. Roxanne Gould is also available twice a month at the clinic for younger dental patients. “We are really able to bring all of our dental employees together at the facility now, and we have already seen some new faces,” said Hoffman.

For more information about the dental clinic at Eastern Plumas Health Care’s Portola campus, visit or call 832-6500.