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Desperate need for lifeguards at the Taylorsville Pool


By Andrea Singer

[email protected]


   Indian Valley Recreation and Park District encourages residents to attend the April 18th meeting when they will be discussing events that are pertinent to all that live in the valley and enjoy use of the Taylorsville Community Pool. They will be covering topics including the the upcoming pool season, their desperate need for lifeguards, and the shuffleboard tournament fundraiser.

   The warm weather and sunshine has many people dreaming of summer. But for the Taylorsville pool, summer plans may be in trouble. The Community Services District is in desperate need of lifeguards for the 2023 season. The person applying must be at least 15 years of age and complete both the American Aquatics & Safety Training, and American Aquatics & Safety CPR/AED certification. Memorial Day weekend there will be a local lifeguard class available in Quincy at the community pool. For questions please contact Nikki Hammerich at [email protected], or feel free to attend the IVRPD meeting Tuesday, April  18, at 6 p.m. in  the IVRPD office located at 127 Crescent Street Suite #1, in Greenville. 

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