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District 1 Supervisor reflects on new position

District One Supervisor Dwight Ceresola. Photo submitted

District One Supervisor Dwight Ceresola, who took his appointed chair on Tuesday, Jan. 5, took a moment to answer a few questions for the community as he digs into his role on behalf of his constituents.

“For those who don’t already know, I am a full-time rancher in Sierra Valley,” Ceresola said. “My wife Carol, our three daughters and I moved to Sierra Valley in 1982. We still live and work on the family ranch, along with our children and grandchildren.”

Ceresola has been an active part of the Sierra Valley and local communities ever since. “I have lived here for 37 years; I have a vested interest in Plumas County, and the future of its success,” he explained.

Since taking office, Ceresola has been attending a wide variety of meetings and working on several projects, which include items such as consolidation of volunteer fire departments in District 1, working with Plumas County Public Works Department on the Beckwourth sewer system, researching the road maintenance and snow removal for Eastern Plumas roads, and assisting the Portola Cemetery Board.

In addition to following up on several issues that have been brought to his attention by District 1 constituents, Ceresola has also been kept busy attending Sierra Valley Ground Water District meetings; reviewing and updating the airport land commission, which includes Beckwourth Airport; and serving on the Northern Sierra Plumas Air Quality Management District (NSAQMD) board.

Ceresola is also serving on the RCD board for Plumas-Sierra Counties, attending Plumas County Development Review Committee meetings, and attending meetings for First 5 of Portola to stay apprised of all that is current in Plumas County and his district.

“It’s been a learning experience so far,” Ceresola said. “I have learned more about the county’s departments and how each of them serves the members of our communities in Plumas County, as well as the issues that they face.”

He added, “I have appreciated people reaching out to me in regard to issues that concern them not only in the county but in District 1. I really like the aspect of being a supervisor where I get to work with the people and address their specific concerns.”

When asked the top three areas that have been priorities for Ceresola thus far, he responded that his priorities start with his engagement with volunteer fire departments and Fire Safe Programs, “especially with the dry summer that we may look to be facing.”

Another priority for Ceresola is attending Sierra Valley Ground Water meetings with concerns for the drought and water for agriculture, homeowners, and fire protection and how it all fits together.

The third component of Ceresola’s priorities involve attending Supervisors’ weekly meetings, staying involved in the county’s budget, staying apprised of Covid-19 vaccinations, and ensuring positions that become vacant become filled in a timely manner.

When asked whether he currently had a stance on the concerns voiced over the proposed mining operation within the City of Portola sphere of influence, Ceresola responded, “At this time it is going through the county’s due process, and once that is completed it goes before the Zoning Administrator who considers the project and all public comment and they may approve, approve with conditions, or deny the project.”

The best way for constituents to reach Ceresola is either via email at [email protected] or by phone at 251-3537. Ceresola also maintains a Facebook page at Dwight Ceresola Plumas County District 1 Supervisor.

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