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District Attorney Hollister provides information regarding legal assistance in the wake of the Dixie Fire

District Attorney David Hollister said the information that he submitted regarding selecting a reputable contractor,  created a number of questions about all of the attorney solicitations that are occurring in the wake of the Dixie Fire. He submitted a flyer concerning “Legal Assistance after a Disaster” from the California State Bar Association. The State Bar will be sending hard copies of this pamphlet by the end of the month, but it is included below so that local residents can receive the information as soon as possible. This pamphlet really provides some sound advice for folks in securing legal representation, Hollister said.

“I want to make sure our citizens are protected – whether it be from unscrupulous contractors or attorneys,” Hollister said. “The decisions made during this time could have long-lasting consequences and I really want to make sure folks have as much information as possible to make the right decision.”


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