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District Attorney responds to Hakalir’s comments on truancy

During an interview with Coby Hakalir on Oct. 13 regarding remarks he made during a candidate’s forum on Oct. 4 regarding truancy and other issues, Hakalir said that the district attorney’s office is aware of the truancy issue, which he said is a district-wide problem. Hakalir is challenging Leslie Edlund to represent Trustee Area 5 on the Plumas Unified School District governing board. District Attorney Dave Hollister submitted the following this morning, Oct. 14:

“I was very surprised to see comments by School Board candidate Coby Hakalir suggesting his information about a Plumas County truancy problem coming from the District Attorney’s Office. I do not know Mr. Hakalir – to my knowledge I have never met him nor has he reached out to me about this or any other issue. I understand one of my staff members spoke to Mr. Hakalir while  Mr. Hakalir was bartending at the Mohawk Tavern. I am assured what Mr. Hakalir said to Plumas News is inaccurate and wholly taken out of context. To set the record straight, truancy is an issue for counties throughout the state and country – it has been heightened by the Covid shutdown. There is nothing particularly unique about the challenge we face in Plumas County relative to the rest of state or country. We have, and have had for years, an excellent truancy prevention program which is in the process of being updated (more to come). I am fortunate to have an excellent working relationship with our school district administration and School Board. Should there be an issue which comes to my attention I would have no hesitation reaching out to a School Board member or school administrator and have every expectation I would receive a rapid and thoughtful approach as we solve the problem.”

Respectfully yours,

David Hollister

District Attorney

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