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A bear has been making the rounds of downtown Quincy, even entering a house last week. This file photo is from June, when a bear paid a visit to Plumas District Hospital in Quincy. Facebook photo

Do you have a bear story? We would like to hear it

Plumas News is working on a couple of stories currently that involve bear incidents, but we know that there are many more, including multiple cases of bears attacking livestock in the Sierra Valley, as well as near Quincy.

We would like to hear about your bear experience. You can email [email protected] to share what happened. Include a location description: i.e. La Porte Road in Quincy. (No specific address is needed.)

Plumas News is also working on a story that deals Plumas and Sierra counties’ recent decision to suspend its contract with Wildlife Services as the result of litigation. This removes a resource — at least for the foreseeable future— that has been used by ranchers to deal with wildlife attacking their livestock.

Wildlife and human interaction is not a situation that will go away anytime soon, so Plumas News will also be working with Fish and Wildlife to share tips on what to do if you encounter wildlife and what to do in the event an animal attack your pets or livestock.

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