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The engines at Greenhorn Creek are ready for fire season, as is a new fire siren, which will be tested June 28. Photo courtesy of Greenhorn Creek Community Fire District

Don’t be alarmed: Siren testing in Greenhorn set for June 28

The Greenhorn Creek Community Fire District completed the installation of its new fire evacuation siren earlier this month and is planning to test it out on Tuesday, June 28.

We are hoping this will be a quick process, but we do need to run through the different siren tones, test several functions of the controller, and make sure the siren can be heard at the furthest parts of the community,” said Fire Chief Tyson Rael in a letter to Greenhorn Creek residents. “If all goes well and we don’t need to have the electrician make any changes, this should only take about an hour to complete. Any sirens that you hear on this date will be testing only, do not be alarmed.”

Monthly Testing

This system requires a monthly test which will also help preserve the backup batteries. The monthly test run is scheduled to occur at noon on the first Friday of each month. The monthly test is a single tone that rises and falls one time for 12 seconds. This will take a little getting used to, but again, don’t be alarmed, it is just a monthly test.


The siren will only be used should an immediate need for evacuation arise. In most cases, as proven by the past few years, if an evacuation is required, the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office will conduct door-to-door notifications as well as broadcasting public safety messages. “

During these types of evacuations, the siren will not be used, as it would likely cause unnecessary panic when we need everyone to be as calm as possible to prevent injuries,” Rael said. If there is a situation when there is not enough time for door-to-door notifications and immediate evacuation is required (i.e. a fire start within the community with increased rate of spread), then the siren will be used. At that time, residents will hear the siren tone rise and fall several times over the course of 3 minutes. This tone may be repeated if necessary.

Fire department funds as well as donations from Plumas- Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative made the siren installation possible.

If anyone has questions or would like to request an evacuation map, contact Chief Rael directly either by email to [email protected] or by cell phone (714) 606-9575.

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