Draft map available for school trustee areas

The boards of trustees for Feather River College and Plumas Unified School District now have a map for redrawn trustee areas to consider prior to their joint Feb. 17 meeting.

The boards were presented with two “springboard” maps for discussion during their last meeting Jan. 20 – one map closely followed the board of supervisors’ boundaries, and the second more closely followed its current trustee boundaries. The trustees expressed a preference for the latter.

Just as with the newly redrawn supervisorial districts, the trustee areas have guidelines to follow:

Must have reasonably equal population


Must not be gerrymandered

Must not deny votes on account of race/color

Should be compact

Should be contiguous

Should observe communities of interest

Should use identifiable boundaries such as streets, topography

The current district lines were drawn following the 2010 census, when the district population was 19,367. Following the 2020 census, the district population is 19,095, and it’s been redistributed somewhat.

Ideally, each trustee area would have the same population, but that is not possible when trying to adhere to all of the other criteria, such as areas/districts must be contiguous. The population of each can’t differ by more than 10 percent, but ideally the differential would be less than 5 percent.

The trustees and the public have about a week to consider the newly redrawn boundaries and make comment.

This is the remaining meeting schedule:

  • Feb. 17 : Regular Meeting 3 pm via Zoom Board PMR  Zoom link
  • March 1)0: Regular Meeting 3 pm via Zoom Board PMR  Zoom link

This is the proposed map of trustee areas that will be discussed: 


This is the current map of trustee areas: