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Drones for cannabis?

A few cannabis growers and local law enforcement look on as a drone demonstrator advocates the use of drones for both crop health and law enforcement behind the sheriff’s station in downtown Greenville on May 21. Photo by Maggie Wells

Pro-cannabis business leaders and law enforcement watched and listened as an Orange County-based drone demonstrator discussed the merits of drone surveillance for  cannabis crops May 21.

While the demonstrator advocated for the use of drones to ensure crop health and for search and rescue use, the idea of drones becomes as controversial as the crop itself.

Immediate questions come into play regarding the right to privacy and how specifically drones might be used. By the cannabis growers themselves? By law enforcement to make sure the recreational and medical cannabis moratorium remains in place while commercial hemp is allowed to grow?

“We can’t surveillance someone’s backyard and won’t,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Phil Shannon upon being asked how drone surveillance would work given right to privacy laws.

Local businessman Ken Donnell organized the drone demonstration.

15 thoughts on “Drones for cannabis?

  • Great idea of they use it in the forest to bust the illegal grows and protect the enviroment, water, and animals.

    • Couldn’t agree more Jim! Let’s protect the environment. Probably have to get rid of Scott Pruitt he’s too linked up with big business to prioritize environmental policies. We need a new epa chief to get out there and bust all the polluters. Might need a carbon tax too.
      After coming off some drought years water could use some new rules for conservation and management. Got to conserve what we preserve.
      And let’s not forget those animals. Feeling really good about that owl and those frogs. Lose a species and we will never see it again. Got to protect those animals. Might have to put a moratorium on hunting. Keeping all options open.

      Sure does feel good to find some common ground. Keep up the good work Jim!

      • Yes comrade! re: Pruitt? Can’t we just have him droned? (Hillary Clinton to Obama)

        • Current estimates have Plumas County maintaining whiteness for the next 50 years. One less thing to worry about meanwhile.

  • That’s funny “pro-cannabis business leaders were invited.” Lol No one in the cannabis community locally that matters, was there for a reason. Congrats Ken on alienating yourself further from ever penetrating the commercial market that’s been here for decades. You cease to amaze me in your quest for infamy.

  • It’s a slippery slope giving the government permission to start using drones for enforcement purposes of any kind…

    • Good comment “that guy”. Unfortunately, the $hallow $ighted, profit oriented technocrat$ will pervade with their good intention$.
      Imagine if weed was just de-criminalized, not legal-ized? Oops, then the king couldn’t get his cut, could he. To pay for all the other deficits he created.
      And BTW, I had a meeting with a bunch of local birds. They’re freaking about all these drones, and told me to put in my 2 cents worth…

  • I am Ken Donnell, the organizer for this drone presentation. I am part of a local Research and Development Group studying how we can use cannabis to improve our lives in Plumas county. Yes, the purpose of the drone presentation was a first step to help local authorities rid the Plumas forest of cartel organized crime marijuana grows using modern drone technology. This is not about spying on local residents. As responsible citizens and good business persons, we want to help solve problems. We walk our talk. And we send love and healing wishes to everyone impacted by this historic transition to legal cannabis. It is a time to remain calm, and not be frightened. It will get better soon. I promise.

    • These words have been spoke before

    • Stick to tuning guitars and stay out of cannabis! No one wants your 2 cents!

    • Heck no. Me see one of these things it’s going to end up in million pieces…

      You can shoot them down with simple laser pointers too im told :)

      Have fun spying! Slugheads

  • Wow! Kd will do anything to try and stay relevant and get attention, good or bad. Shame on you!!!!!

  • Inna di sky me see did helicopta…that’s when me haffa reach fi mi rocket launcha…

    Yes imma ganja farrrmmmmaaaa

  • Thanks for the presentation Ken…
    Folks remember to vote no on Measure B in November!

  • I’m stoned all the time!

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