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An Eastern Plumas resident objects to this sign that sits in front of Plumas County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff Engel's house on Highway 89 in Clio. Photo submitted

Eastern Plumas resident wants sign removed

An Eastern Plumas County resident snapped a photo of this Trump sign in front of Plumas County Supervisor Jeff Engel’s house Jan. 7 and submitted it to Plumas News. The individual, who wants to remain anonymous, said that the “Won” sign was posted about two weeks ago. “What happened yesterday at our capitol was sickening and unpatriotic,” she said, “and Jeff is displaying that symbol. This is insane and dangerous. Biden won by 7 million votes. No fraud. Fair election.”

When reached for comment today, Engel (who was elected this week to be the 2021 chairman of the board of supervisors) said that it was actually his wife’s sign, but in light of what happened in the nation’s Capitol yesterday, they were discussing taking it down. He indicated that another sign had already been taken by someone.

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