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Participants of the 2022 Wildfire Preparedness Tour look at recent fire impacts to Plumas County and discuss how to better manage our landscape. Photo submitted

Eastern Plumas Wildfire Preparedness Day on May 20

Are you a Plumas County resident interested in learning about wildfires and how to prepare yourself, your family, and your home? Firefighters and wildfire specialists will be hosting a Wildfire Preparedness Day for Eastern Plumas County residents on Saturday, May 20.

Join organizers at the Beckwourth Fire District Station 1 (180 Main St, Beckwourth) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to interact with the Plumas National Forest, Beckwourth Fire District, and Plumas County Fire Safe Council, who will have tables and activities to inform you about how to prepare your home and property for the upcoming summer wildfire season.

Come meet Smokey Bear, chat with local firefighters, and learn more about FireWise USA and other no-cost or low-cost programs offered by the Plumas County Fire Safe Council and local fire districts.

Don’t miss out on this chance to become informed and prepared for the upcoming summer wildfire season! All ages and residents from all communities are welcome. For more information, contact Logan Krahenbuhl at [email protected]. We hope to see you there!

An example of what residents will learn when they participate in the fire preparedness event. Photo submitted

3 thoughts on “Eastern Plumas Wildfire Preparedness Day on May 20

  • Look at the photo on the left. The land will dry out quickly when exposed to wind and sun. Sure there is a reduction in fuels, but why are other factors continuously ignored by agencies who are meant to be experts on this topic? The photo of the land on the right, in addition to providing wildlife habitat, will provide greater shade and shelter from the wind, keeping moisture on the land for longer in the season. I am personally not convinced that this is the solution. Defensible space adjacent to homes is a great idea, but farther out than 100 feet it does not make a difference. It’s best to assume that embers will fly at some point. Whether they land on flammable materials near or on your house is up to you. It would be great to see more grants for people to replace flammable siding and roofs which can impact entire communities rather than subsidizing the timber industry doubling down on the damage caused by extreme fires like the Dixie.

  • Josh Hart has made it his life’s mission to bitch and moan about everything possible and has now found a forum where he can bitch and moan online. Ignore him. He’s the kind of dissatisfied person that sees only the negative instead of the positive. The negativity he brings to every situation is exhausting.

    Get a life, dude.

  • Personal attacks won’t make forests more resilient nor will they protect our communities and lives. Respectful debate based on the evidence just might! Check out Feather River Action dot org for more information if you want the truth and not just hyperbole.

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