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Lake Almanor Country Club residents followed a route to the Snow Mobile Parking area during an evacuation drill Nov. 4. Photo submitted

Emergency evacuation drill at held at Lake Almanor

Submitted by the LACC Firewise Committee

With the excellent collaboration and guidance of the various agencies — Plumas County Sheriff, Cal Fire, Peninsula Fire District, and the Lake Almanor Country Club staff — the LACC community successfully completed its first Emergency Evacuation Voluntary Drill on Nov. 4. A big thank you to the 30 households in the community that participated. Given the late time of the year, it was expected there would be fewer people in the area.

We were given many public service announcements ahead of time to evacuate at 10 a.m. and to see how quickly (within 15 minutes) we could load up the necessary items we have prepared, assume a power outage, and manually open our garage doors. We followed a pre-determined route through Peninsula Drive out to County Road A13, across SR 36 to the Snow Mobile Parking area. The Code Red notification was activated and the Peninsula Fire District emergency sirens a few minutes before the 10 a.m. drill. All the participants gathered at the Snow Mobile Parking area which was followed by a program given by our rescue agencies.

We thank the agency speakers, Ryan Danielsen, Cal Fire Battalion Chief; Chris Christopherson, Cal Fire Battalion Chief; Leah Sandberg, Public Information Officer; Sgt. Carson Wingfield, OES Chief Plumas County Sheriff’s Office;

and Peninsula Fire Chief Gary Pini, who delivered much good guidance about how to be prepared, by explaining the Ready, Set, Go plan of action. We were reminded to sign up for the County OES Code Red communication service, and fire preparedness and emergency literature was given to participants.

There will be a future such evacuation drill before the next fire season. Once again thank you to all the county and state agencies who made this a success.

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Chris Christopherson addresses area residents during the drill. Photo submitted
Sgt. Carson Wingfield of the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, and who heads OES for the office, talks to LACC residents Nov. 4. Photo submitted


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